Frequently Asked Questions - Scouting

Here are some shortcuts and answers to the questions asked most often of the committee!  Don't see an answer for what you're looking for?  Send a quick email to!!

  1. When's the next award retreat for Ad Altare Dei / Mary the First Disciple?  That info's HERE!
  2. Where do I buy the workbooks for awards?  Check out the page HERE
  3. How do I order an award for my child?  The order form is online HERE
  4. Now that I have the award, how do we present it?  There's some options listed HERE
  5. Where's the nomination forms for adult awards?  In the Resource links on THIS page
  6. What do I need to know to be an award Counselor?  We have an online orientation HERE!
  7. I'm a new Charter Org Rep. What am I responsible for?  Visit the page HERE
  8. Where can I find out about Safe Environment and Safe Haven training?  That info's HERE
  9. How do I start a Scout unit in my home parish?  The page HERE has the steps to take!
  10. Does the CCS only support awards?  NOPE!!!  Check out our active calendar of events HERE!!

Have fun Scouting with your Catholic youth!!