Catholic Leader Development

Scouting and similar youth programs can have a significant influence in developing spirituality, citizenship, and character in young people. The most important ingredient in Catholic scouting is the interaction that youth have with their adult leaders and with priests, deacons, and parish lay persons. Volunteers in scouting are role models and mentors and have a lasting impact on the lives of the youth they serve. It is estimated that a typical Catholic Boy Scout interacts with his adult leader an average of 550 hours in a year at weekly meetings, weekend and camping activities, and other events. With this interaction, the leaders and religious emblems counselors have a unique opportunity to help young people understand their faith and live it more effectively.

As the Boy Scouts say, "every Scout deserves a trained leader"! That admonition applies equally to volunteers providing adult leadership in Catholic scouting units. Here are some options available to volunteers in the Sacramento Diocese: