How do I Present the Award?

Now that I have the award, what do I do?  

The presentation and recognition of the accomplishment will happen in 3 ways:

  • In front of your Parish Family
  • In front of your Unit Family
  • In celebration at the Cathedral

Medals & Parent Pins in Front of your Parish Family 

Each of the medals and parent pins will need to be presented at the end of Mass, typically right before the Final Blessing. 

(The only exception to this will be the Pope Pius XII and Spirit Alive Awards.  These are the highest awards presented to youth and the Bishop will present these personally at the Cathedral during the Celebration in February.) 

A Sample Script will be included with each package mailed and you can also download it from this website.  You will need to get someone to read the script.  It can be another leader or a parent volunteer, but it is not typically the Priest, although he may choose to. 

You will need to meet with your Parish Priest well in advance to this presentation and you may find it necessary to explain the process to them as most are not familiar with the awards.

Certificates, Patches & Knot Patch in front of your Unit Family

If your award came with any of these they will need to be presented at your Unit Awards Ceremony.  Please inform your unit leader well in advance of the Ceremony and present them with a copy of the Sample Script and choose only those items that are relevant to your award.  Most leaders are aware that there are religious awards that our youth can earn but most are not familiar with its presentation. 

Recognition at the Cathedral 

Every year on the 1st Saturday of the month at 10am the Diocese of Sacramento has a very special event at the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament in downtown Sacramento.  Every Catholic youth that has earned their religious award will be personally recognized by the Bishop and receive a commemorative patch.  An email invitation will sent to each family to the Celebration and will be posted on our Facebook page.

Remember that the Spirit Alive and the Pope Pius XII Awards are the only awards personally presented by the Bishop at the Cathedral Celebration.

We hope to see you there and Congratulations on earning your very special award!