We look forward to seeing each of you virtually at Ministry Days in September!
Diocese of Sacramento

In times of trouble, our hearts long for peace and turn to God.
Catholic Herald Magazine

Perpetually renewed by the joy and grace of healing, Eliza Cobos radiates gratitude for her journey to God after decades of anguish.
Catholic Herald Magazine, Respect Life

Fr. Tristan no longer has an assignment nor does he have faculties in the Diocese of Sacramento.
Safe Environment, Clergy Abuse

Statewide, year-long effort begins with listening session with African American Catholic community to examine the impact of racism.
California Catholic Conference

"It's our duty to promote life, education and awareness in our entire community, from the little children to our elderly."
Respect Life

A picture is worth a thousand words, and these videos tell the story of the coming school year in motion, from the perspective of both our students and our teachers.

Catholic school teachers are amazing.

In the face of this uncertainty, here are some strategies to help your children feel more peaceful and prepared.

"The Lord came to free us from sin, including the sins by which we diminish workers and ourselves."