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Parish Advocate Check List

Advocates: Use this checklist to be sure you have submitted all the necessary documents for the case you are presenting to the Tribunal.

Parish Advocate Brief: Notes Concerning the Petitioner

Advocates: Please include this page when you submit the paperwork and documents for a formal case.

Quick Reference for Determining Grounds of Nullity

Affidavit of Diligent Search

When the Respondent cannot be located, the Petitioner must complete this form detailing efforts to locate the Respondent. Contacting the Respondent is required for formal cases.

Guide to Writing a Summary Statement

Assembling Required Documents

  • Baptismal Certificate
    • For the Catholic party(ies), the baptismal certificate must be recently-issued, within six months, and include notations. If there are no notations, it must clearly state "no notations." This is to verify the sacramental information is current. A souvenir certificate or original certificate issued immediately after baptism are not accepted.
  • Marriage Certificate
    • If the couple were married civilly and were later married in the Church (convalidation), please provide a recently-issued marriage certificate from the church where the wedding took place.
  • Marriage License
    • California's document is one page. Click here to see example.
    • For marriages that took place in Nevada, two documents are required:
      • Marriage Certificate - this document provides the names of the bride and groom, their dates of birth, and the name of the official performing the marriage
      • Marriage License - this document also provides the names and dates of birth of the bride and groom, but most importantly, it shows the number of previous marriages
  • Divorce Decree
    • For divorces occurring in California, two documents are required:
    • These documents must be original/certified copies from the county in which the divorce took place. Click here to see example of county stamp.

If the marriage and/or divorce took place outside California, parties may order the needed documents by contacting the government office in the particular state or consider using VitalChek.