Special Collections

Special Collection/Month Held

As followers of Christ, we are called to share our financial resources with others, especially those most in need.  Throughout the year, special needs are placed before the Faithful for their support.

Catholic Relief Services (March)

This collection makes possible the Catholic Church’s global mission to combat poverty, provide relief and development, assist refugees and immigrants, and advocate for justice and peace in situations of conflict and neglect of basic human rights. A portion of this special collection is allocated for the Catholic Church in Central and Eastern Europe. Please visit www.usccb.org/crscollection and the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops for more information.

Pontifical Good Friday Collection for the Holy Land (Good Friday)

Christians of the Holy Land rely heavily on the help that comes to them during this special moment of the year. The Franciscans of the Custody of the Holy Land have the unique responsibility of caring for the Holy Places as well as caring for the Christians living in the Holy Land. It is important that we care for the Christians living in the Holy Land in order to maintain a Christian presence in a land that is filled with a majority Jewish and Islamic population. Please visit www.myfranciscan.org/ for more information.

Catholic Home Missions (April)

Because of the shortage of priests, sisters and brothers, there are many places in the United States, especially in rural and mountainous locations, where the Catholic Church struggles to keep parishes open and to educate children in the faith. This appeal helps build community within the Church and works for the common good of Catholics in the United States. A portion of the collection also supports the effort by the Church for Black and Native American Indians. Please visit www.usccb.org/hm for more information.

Catholic Communication Campaign (May)

Donations help fund the efforts of the Church to reach out to Catholics and others through print, television, internet, and radio. The funds raised benefit both our diocese and national programs. Please visit www.usccb.org/ccc for more information.

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Peter's Pence - Collection for Our Holy Father (June)

Supports the Holy Father’s mission in providing immediate emergency and disaster relief, and emergency aid to our brothers and sisters suffering the effects of war, natural disaster, or oppression throughout the world. Please visit www.usccb.org/ppc for more information.

Church in Latin America (August)

Proceeds from this collection go directly to support the work of pastoral projects in Mexico, Central and South America, and the Caribbean and supports catechetical and lay programs, youth ministry, evangelization, and programs for religious, priests and deacons throughout Latin America. Please visit www.usccb.org/latinamerica for more information.

Annual Diocesan Collection for Priests Retirement (September)

This is our opportunity to take care of those who, within our own diocese, have spent their lives caring for us spiritually, and to thank them for their long and loving service.

World Mission Sunday (October)

World Mission Sunday, organized by the Propagation of the Faith, is a day set aside for Catholics worldwide to recommit themselves to the Church's missionary activity through prayer and sacrifice. Every year the needs of the Catholic Church in the Missions grow—as new dioceses are formed, as new seminaries are opened because of the growing number of young men hearing Christ's call to follow Him as priests, as areas devastated by war or natural disaster are rebuilt, and as other areas, long suppressed, are opening up to hear the message of Christ and His Church. That is why the involvement and commitment of Catholics from around the world is so urgently needed. Mission dioceses—about 1,150 at this time—receive regular annual assistance from funds collected. Please visit The Pontifical Mission Societies for more information.

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Catholic Campaign for Human Development (November)

In our own country, 37 million Americans struggle in poverty, many despite working full-time. Within our community of believers we do make a difference-when we support the work of the Catholic Campaign for Human Development, which is committed to helping people create permanent solutions to the problem of poverty in their community. You can help break the cycle of poverty. Please visit the USCCB website for more information.

Retirement Fund for the Religious - Religious Institutes (December)

The appeal for the Retirement Fund for Religious asks us to recall those women and men religious whose ministry has nourished our own faith, served our Church, and strengthened our nation. Today, more than 37,000 women and men religious are past age 70. Their institutes face critical economic challenges as the costs of health care escalate and as the need for handicapped-accessible housing increases.

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