Annual Catholic Appeal

The 2018 Appeal is the Heart of Mercy in Northern California

Your gift brings Christ to others

The 2018 Annual Catholic Appeal keeps the Jubilee Year of Mercy alive. Pope Francis encourages us to be ‘The Heart of Mercy’ through a culture of encounter. When we encounter Christ in the Word and in the Eucharist, we are nourished, and our relationship with Him is strengthened, so that we can go out into the world and encounter those around us. These individual encounters are “God moments,” opportunities for us to bring Christ to others, to serve, and to acknowledge that they too are created in the image of God.

2017 Appeal Results

2017 results say a lot about God’s people in the Diocese of Sacramento. Nearly $3.9 million in commitments were received from more than 26,000 Catholics. Detailed results will be sent to parishes in the coming weeks.

You make the difference

Prayerfully consider extending a helping hand and the love of Christ to thousands of our neighbors in need with an online donation or through your parish.

Everyone benefits from your gift

The Poor and the Vulnerable

Your generosity enables Catholic charitable organizations and parish ministries in our neighborhoods to assist thousands of people desperately in need. Funds raised by the Annual Catholic Appeal go directly to the organizations that need our support.

Seminarians and Catholic Education

The Appeal provides critical support to offset the rising cost of education for seminarians currently in formation to serve as priests in our diocese. The Appeal also provides funds for Catholic School tuition assistance in our most economically challenged communities.

Parish Social Service Ministries

25% of funds contributed to the Appeal are returned to each parish for its own social service ministries. Your participation in the Annual Catholic Appeal has enabled parishes to add new ministries, expand existing programs or support local Catholic community charities.

Each of Us

The Annual Catholic Appeal is an opportunity for each of us to go forth and proclaim the Gospel in our lives by putting Mercy in Motion.