About the Foundation

The Foundation currently manages 130 endowments and funds with assets in excess of $100 million.  Donors to the Foundation are able to choose among a number of fund options to benefit their favorite Catholic ministry.  They include: outright gifts, bequests, gifts in trust, endowments and other types of gifts to the Foundation, where the assets are received and managed.

The Catholic Foundation is a 501(c)(3), Nonprofit Religious Corporation and is organized as a “supporting organization” to the Roman Catholic Bishop of Sacramento, a corporation sole, all 102 local parishes of the Diocese of Sacramento, and various Catholic agencies with the Diocese of Sacramento.

Federal Tax ID # 20-0487827

Our Mission

To witness to Christ and His Gospel values of love, justice, forgiveness and service to all by ensuring that financial donors can effectively support the well-being of Catholic works in our diocese.

Our Vision

To serve as a:

  • Forward-Thinking Catalyst in the shaping of effective and appropriate responses to challenges and opportunities.
  • Entrusted and Experienced Central Administrator for the disbursement of funds from donors of varied ministerial interests and abilities to give.
  • Dedicated Community Partner in fostering and providing financial support for religious, educational and social ministries.
  • Highly Visible Resource for the preservation of the Gospel values of love, justice, forgiveness, and service to all.