About the Foundation

The Foundation currently manages 130 endowments and funds with assets in excess of $80 million.  Donors to the Foundation are able to choose among a number of fund options to benefit their favorite Catholic ministry.  They include: outright gifts, bequests, gifts in trust, endowments and other types of gifts to the Foundation, where the assets are received and managed.

Our Mission

To witness to Christ and His Gospel values of love, justice, forgiveness and service to all by ensuring that financial donors can effectively support the well-being of Catholic works in our diocese.

Our Vision

To serve as a:

  • Forward-Thinking Catalyst in the shaping of effective and appropriate responses to challenges and opportunities.
  • Entrusted and Experienced Central Administrator for the disbursement of funds from donors of varied ministerial interests and abilities to give.
  • Dedicated Community Partner in fostering and providing financial support for religious, educational and social ministries.
  • Highly Visible Resource for the preservation of the Gospel values of love, justice, forgiveness, and service to all.