Separated, Divorced, Widowed

In outreach to those whose marriages have ended either through divorce or death, and to those who are separated from their spouse, we extend guidance and resources at this difficult time.

If a marriage has ended due to the death of a spouse, help is available to assist you with the grieving process.

If a marriage has ended due to divorce, assistance through the grief process is available. Divorced Catholics remain called to lead Christian lives and educate their children in the faith.

Divorced Catholics who remarry without an annulment from the Church may not receive Holy Communion.  An annulment is a judgement by the Marriage Tribunal of the local Church that a couple’s marriage was never a sacramental marriage — that it was invalid because one of the essential qualities of the marriage never existed in the covenant promised by the couple.

If a couple has separated and they need assistance sorting through issues, various programs such as Retrouvaille offer help.