Marriage Prep Training for Ministry Leaders

The Diocese of Sacramento offers comprehensive, advanced training for anyone involved or wishing to become involved in marriage preparation ministry. All are welcome to attend any of these trainings; this is the "ala carte" option. There is also a more extensive option for obtaining a catechist Specialization Certificate in Marriage Preparation Ministry. It is offered to those who complete all seven trainings listed below and who also meet other related requirements. Click here to review these requirements.

Five of the seven trainings below, as indicated, were recorded in both English and Spanish and are available for viewing online.

1. Marriage and the Mystery of God (Recorded). Surveys the essential elements of the Sacrament of Matrimony. Taught in four sessions.

2. How to Lovingly Present the Church’s Challenging Teachings about Marriage (Recorded). Focuses on how to teach engaged couples about issues such as contraception, pre-marital sex, and same sex unions.

3. Teaching and Modeling a Happy and Wholesome Marriage (Recorded).  Focuses on how to teach engaged couples the essential relationship skills of a marriage built on trust, mutual respect and open communication.

4. NFP Intro session. This is the standardized, minimum one-hour session taught by a certified NFP instructor that is required of all engaged couples. Coordinate attendance directly with any certified NFP instructor:


5. Diocesan Marriage Preparation Policies (Recorded). Surveys required steps for engaged couples, wedding liturgy issues, canon law considerations, assessment of readiness, special circumstances, and pastoral care after the wedding

6. Sponsor Couples: Tools and Principles of Evangelization (Recorded).  Reviews the FOCCUS instrument and the sponsor couple role and relationship, including essential principles of evangelization.

7. Building an Effective Marriage Prep Program.  Surveys various parish marriage prep program models and reviews the “ecclesial team” concept (i.e., coordination of clergy and laity). This session must be attended live.