Module 3 - Boy Scout Religious Emblems

Light of Christ

The Light of Christ is for Tiger or Wolf Cubs (registered 6 & 7 year olds) of the Catholic Faith and must be completed before the boy starts the third Grade.

  • Supports the role of parents
  • Identify Jesus as a real person
  • Foster early family religious involvement
  • Focus on Eucharist and Forgiveness
  • Parish as a place to come together to celebrate
  • Jesus' love for us


Parvuli Dei

The Parvuli Dei (Child of God) is for Bear and Webelos (registered 8 – 10 year olds) and must be completed before a boy becomes a Boy Scout.

  • Develop and Awareness of God’s Love
  • Identity Within Family
  • People share talents with the parish, and the scout can also
  • Responsibilities of God’s Love


Ad Altare Dei

The Ad Altare Dei (To the Altar of God) is designed to be earned by Scouts who are in grades 7-12 (designed for youth 13-14 years old, however older youth may use this program as well). It is recommended that the Scout be a member of a troop for at least 6 months:

  • Introduction to the Sacraments
  • One step for each of the seven sacraments


Light is Life

The Light is Life Emblem is designed for Scouts in the grades 6-12 (designed for youth 12-13 years old, however older youth may use this program as well). This program is designed for Scouts of the Eastern-rite Catholic Churches. The purposes of this award are:

  • Light of Life respects the cultural and ritual differences among the various Catholic Churches
  • The most important aspect of the program is that the Scout grows in his spiritual experience of his relationship to God and the church


Pope Pius XII

The Pope Pius XII Emblem is designed for Scouts in the grades 9-12. The purposes of this award are:

  • Explore Baptismal call to bring out an awareness of current and future calls from God in: inner self, secular community & church community
  • Explore potential vocations, occupations and ministries
  • Explore an issue in society/church and its impact

What Role Will You Assume and Meeting Medal Requirements

In assisting a Scout in earning a religious award, you will take on one of the three roles outlined below.

Religious Emblems Coordinator

The coordinator promotes the programs and:

  • Assists parents in understanding the program
  • Checks on the progress of the group
  • Takes care of the various administrative tasks

A coordinator does not work directly with Scouts, but provides support to the family-based program such as the Light of Christ and Parvuli Dei. The family-based emblems are designed for scouts working with parents or guardians. Group work outside of the family setting is not usually appropriate. The coordinator should also be informed on the progress on those Scouts working on the Ad Altare Dei, Light is Life, and Pope Pius XII programs.


The counselor works with the Ad Altare Dei and Light is Life candidates to provide spiritual leadership. The counselor should strive to develop in the youth a better understanding of the program and how it affects them. The counselor is a guide, not a lecturer, but helps provide insight, respond to questions, and provide direction. A small group of Scouts is desirable, but a counselor may work with an individual Scout.


The facilitator works with the Pope Pius XII candidates to help them work as a small group or community. These medals are specifically designed to be completed in a group setting. For these emblem requirements, the facilitator’s responsibility is to observe, guide, and help the candidates to ask questions and seek answers rather than provide ready-made answers to them.

Medal Requirements

The requirements and the manuals were designed with specific attention to age levels and spiritual growth. The Boy Scout emblems and manuals are designed by the National Catholic Committee on Scouting. The Girl Scout emblems and manuals are designed by the National Federation of Catholic Youth Ministries. The requirements for each award are set forth in the manuals. A counselor or moderator is not allowed to waive any requirements or make substantive changes. If a scout does not complete a requirement properly, that may surface during a review by a Board of Review (also referred to as a Panel of Assurance). Most medals, except the family-based medals, require that the scout meet with a Board of Review/Panel of Assurance. This is explained further under the section on “The Steps Leading to Earning a Religious Award”. Should a Scout not have completed a step, that fact may become apparent during the meeting with the Board/Panel, leading to the embarrassment of the Scout and the advisor.

Scouts with Special Needs

Although the requirements for the religious emblems cannot be changed, modifications and adaptations are allowed to permit the adult counselor or facilitator to present the program to any Scout with special needs. In the case of educational disability, the Board of Review/Panel of Assurance should be made aware of the person's disability prior to the meeting, so that they may fairly evaluate the progress made by the Scout. TACCS may be able to provide some suggestions in modifications for a specific need if asked.

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