Holy Week at Home - A Family Retreat

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With families staying in place at home, it can become increasingly difficult to think of new and engaging ways to bring the family together in a way that fosters the faith. Holy week is a good time to change the routine we have found ourselves in these past few weeks. While activities and games can provide a nice mini lesson, it can be a challenge to make sure all the lessons and activities connect and build upon each other in a way that prepares the whole family for this Easter celebration. We are excited to share an opportunity for you and your family to spiritually join other families this Holy Week! Participate in the “Holy Week Home Retreat!” As we journey toward Easter, set time aside with your family to reflect on Jesus’ journey to the cross and his glorious resurrection.

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Weekly Snapshot

Palm Sunday - Day 1

Trusting in Christ - Palms Activity

Monday - Day 2

Preparing our Homes & Hearts - Cleaning & Preparing Activity

Tuesday - Day 3

Service to Others
- Letters to the Sick Activity

Wednesday - Day 4

Keep Watch & Stay Vigilant
- Preparedness Scavenger Hunt Activity

Holy Thursday - Day 5

The Last Supper
- Last Supper Skit Activity

Good Friday - Day 6

Silent in Remembrance - Three Crosses Activity

Holy Saturday - Day 7

In Anticipation
- Tomb & Stone Activity

Easter Sunday - Day 8

- Alleluia Applause Activity

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