Education & Formation

  • The Love & Liberty Campaign will help promote the rights of mothers and fathers to direct the sexual education of their children. Public schools are offering sexual education curriculums that contradict the sensible, moral, and human sexual development presented in Catholic moral teachings. Parents have the right to review the curriculum offered in the public schools and choose to direct that the children not participate in those classes (to opt-out of those morally unacceptable classes).
  • We are asking parishes to form teams and to implement Love & Liberty Campaign within their Parent Meetings, Confirmation Classes, etc. The parishes will be trained on how to instruct parents on how to initiate the opt-out alternative in their districts.
  • We will offer parents an alternative, age-appropriate sexual education (eg. theology of the body) curriculum approved by the Catholic Church. These alternatives will include parish-based catechetical programs as well as training for parents to provide home-based catechetical programs.
  • We will promote a theology of the body and natural family planning curriculum for adolescents and young adults so that they can learn the God-given dignity and beauty of the human body and human sexuality.
  • We will provide more online resources and webinars for families and youth-focused on Catholic moral teachings on sexuality