God is Not Done With You

A Self-Paced At-Home Confirmation Retreat

What are Confirmation Retreats:

Confirmation Retreats are designed to deepen the spiritual life of the students; it is not an extended catechetical session.  Students should have the opportunity for personal prayer, reconciliation, and Mass during the retreat.  Talks and activities are designed to focus on the spiritual development of the candidate and their role of living as a disciple of Christ and discerning their path.  Retreats are also an opportunity for building community among the candidates.


Participants Information

Welcome and Instructions

Bienvenida a los Participantes

Bienvenida e Instruciones

Participant Schedule

  • Make sure you know how you are going to be communicating with your Confirmation leader
  • Choose your space where you are going to set up your altar
  • Choose a time of the day when you are going to be participating in the retreat
  • Download the Journal or view it here
  • Sunday:
    • Go to Mass
    • Set up your altar
    • Watch the "Before You Start Videos"
    • Read Pages 1-2 of your journal.
    • Take a moment and answer the questions on Page 3.
  • Every day watch the video reflection, fill out the journal question, complete your "Call to Action".
  • Make time to participate in the closing session

Before You Start

  1. Watch this Awesome Video  Confirmation is Not Graduation. 
  2. Take time to watch this awesome video about what is confirmation
  3. Read Pages 1- 2 of your Journal
  4. Answer the question on Page 3 of the Journal.

Follow the retreat everyday by clicking on the link on the Side Bar.