Whole Person Care Initiative

In response to the unfortunate passing of California’s harmful Physician-Assisted Suicide Law, we vow to strengthen our palliative care and other health care services for the chronically and terminally ill, so that no one we treat feels compelled to choose assisted suicide. Through our health care professionals and the care and compassion of all people of goodwill, we will continue to lovingly attend, accompany and care for the terminally ill on their final journey. (California Bishops, June 9, 2016)

The Whole Person Care Initiative is an initiative of the California Bishops which seeks to ensure that parishioners and patients are accompanied, loved and supported in their serious illness and end-of-life journey. To that end the Initiative will provide each Parish with tools, resources, guidance, trainings and other supports to implement Whole Person Care.

​​Whole Person Care Sunday (October 29, 2017)

Share Flyers on End of Life Care

Pastoral Care

Some parishes visit the elderly of their parish or in nursing homes, bring sick parishioners communion, or drive the homebound to church. Other parishes schedule health fairs, offer information for parish nurses. And others help parishioners fill out their Advance Health Care Directives. Be creative! There are so many opportunities.


Whole Person Care: Caring for the Sick and Dying is a parish workshop on appropriate end of life care. Discussion topics include Church teaching on end of life ethics, accessing quality palliative care, hospice care and advance healthcare directives, and pastoral care at the end of life.  Download the Whole Person Care & Prepare Presentation.



To schedule WPC Workshop at your parish for free, please email contact our office at 916-733-0253.

Health Ministry Support

Mercy Faith & Health Partnership encourages, supports and nurtures local faith communities of all denominations in the development and sustainability of health ministry programs that promote health, healing and wholeness.  For more information, click here.


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