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The Pastoral Center for the Diocese of Sacramento posts relevant news and announcements for pastors, staff and laity throughout the Diocese. This timely information keeps parishes apprised of various ministries and activities. Information is in PDF format and archived for one month.

Parish Secretaries: Please refer to the weekly diocesan email to find more important announcements of interests to your priests or parish.

Posted for the Week of Monday, March 25, 2019

Remembering Bishop Francis Anthony Quinn

Obituary and Funeral Arrangements
Bishop Jaime Soto's statement on the passing of Bishop Quinn
Bishop Emeritus William Weigand's statement on the passing of Bishop Quinn

Office of the Bishop

Catholic Charities & Social Concerns

Catholic Funeral & Cemetery Services

Office of Communications

Safe Environment

The Tribunal

Office of Family & Faith Formation (OFFF)

*OFFF Promotional Materials

Office of Youth & Young Adult Ministry (OYYA)


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