Non-Gathered Youth and Young Adult Ministry Resources

Information and Teaching Moment for your young people:

Ways to connect with young people:

Online Video Meeting Platforms

Live Stream Platforms and ideas:

  • Platforms: YouTube, Instagram Live, Facebook Live
  • Livestream prayer times: Adoration, Ignatian prayer group, daily rosary, Novena at 9, etc.
  • Livestream daily reflections and short inspirational messages

Large Virtual Gathering ideas (LIVE):

Daily or Weekly Virtual Reflections/Live Streams/Videos to Share:

Pre-Recorded Platforms and Ministry Ideas

Mega Resource in Spanish - Recurso en Español con 50 ideas

Social Distance Service Ideas

  • Make cards and write letters to seniors
  • Call a senior from your parish who might want to visit on the phone
  • Handwritten notes sent with prayer cards
  • Make brown bag lunches for Cathedral’s BBL ministry for the homeless. See details here:

Games for Virtual Ministry

Distance Ministry without Technology

  • Call teens/young adults/parents
  • Send letters
    • Personal notes of encouragement and prayer
    • Print Sunday readings, prayers, Magnificat, devotionals (especially if students don’t have reliable access to the internet)
  • Send cards via snail mail
  • Send saint medals, prayer cards, simple and blessed rosaries via snail mail
  • Take your interests and hobbies and turn them into projects, challenges, or kits that teens or young adults can do at home individually or even as a family. Examples:
    • Cooking/Baking: Find your favorite recipe and send it to your teens to do during the week on their own or with their family. Have them take a picture and hashtag it or send it directly to you to share with the rest of your group. You can make a video of yourself making the dish first to include or just let them go based on the written recipe. If logistically possible, you could even create recipe kits with the food items and drop off at your teens’ doorsteps (with parental permission).
    • Gardening: write out instructions for growing your favorite flower or fruit/vegetable. Create a supply list so teens know exactly what to get at the store. If logistically possible, you could create a little gardening kit with a container, soil, and seeds/starter, and drop off on your teens’ doorsteps (with parental permission).
    • Art: like to paint ceramics? Get inexpensive ceramics at the dollar store, paint, and give some guidance like a theme or suggestions for decorating. Have your teens or young adults decorate their own ceramic item.
  • Common time: schedule a weekly day/time where you encourage everyone to share a common activity together such as reading a certain passage from scripture, praying the rosary or other devotion, etc.
  • Sidewalk Chalk “Obstacle Course”: design an “obstacle course” using sidewalk chalk. Invite your teens to recreate the course on their sidewalk and record them trying to complete it. You can even make it a competition, judging based on accuracy and time to complete.
    • Drawing an example and taking pictures of it as well as recording a sample video of you completing the “obstacle course” is a great way to add levity and build camaraderie.
  • Service and Random Acts of Kindness: give a challenge for the week to your group. Encourage them to do one thing (socially-distance-safe) to serve their community. Examples:
    • See the Social Distance Service Projects section above
  • “Boo” someone: Except, make it spring or summer themed, rather than a “boo

Technology HOW-TO-GUIDES

Self Care

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