Nigeria Igbo Catholic Community of Sacramento

Mission Statement

The Nigeria Igbo Catholic Community of Sacramento (NICCS) is a faith-based community working collectively to promote our Igbo Christian culture, tradition, values, and religious faith through our liturgy. We hope to expose our children to the Igbo culture and enrich them through interaction with their peers, parents, dedicated laity, and the clergy. This is our vision and this is our legacy.


The NICCS has been in existence since 1998 but was not formally organized until 2006. We are currently about three hundred members strong and we are continually making efforts to increase our membership 

In 2006, Bishop Weigand of the Diocese of Sacramento appointed Rev. Fr. Chris Paul Egege officially as the Chaplain of the NICCS. In 2008, Bishop Weigand appointed Rev. Fr. Ambrose Ugwuegbu as the new Chaplain of the NICCS

The NICCS celebrated its inauguration in October, 2007. Our inauguration Mass was celebrated by the Most Reverend William K. Weigand, the Bishop of the Diocese of Sacramento. The Mass was con-celebrated by ten other priests, deacons, and monks from various parishes in Northern California. The Mass was also attended by Sisters from various religious orders including Sister Joanna Okereke from the Office of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops, Pastoral Care of Migrant and Refugees, Washington D.C. 

The inauguration was very successful and was attended by about 300 people from various parishes in the region including representatives from various Catholic communities in the Diocese. The presence of the Knights of Columbus Color Guards, Knights of St Peter Cleaver, and the Black Catholic Council of Sacramento made an already colorful event extraordinaryly colorful. 

As a new community, we are working toward better collaboration with all ethnic communities in addressing the issues and challenges facing our children, our families, and the community in general in our Diocese.

Currently, our main goal now is to develop programs for our children and youth to help them reach their full potential and become productive members of the community

Priests and Sisters Involved in the NICCS

Rev. Fr. Ambrose Ugwuegbu—Chaplain
Sister Rose Ereba and other Sisters of the Handmaids of the Holy Child Jesus

Activities of NICCS

The Igbo Catholic Community of Sacramento is a faith based Christian Community rooted in the Catholic faith. We work together to enhance and promote the spiritual good of one another and work collectively to promote our Christian culture, tradition, values and religious faith through our liturgy.

Our children grow and learn within a caring and faith-filled community and under the guidance of our parents, dedicated laity, and our Igbo clergy; they experience and develop Christian attitudes and behaviors of self-discipline, respect, and responsibilities to the community.

Our activities include, baptismal and Mass serving classes, organizing retreats and associating our community with other catholic communities and organizations.

Schedule of Mass Services

Mass for the NICCS is held on the second Sunday of each month. Service starts at 2 p.m. and all are welcome. A potluck follows after each Mass service.

Mass Location:

Immaculate Conception Church

3263 1st Ave.
Sacramento, CA