EQUIP Session Two

Homework from Session One to be completed and brought with you to Session Two

  • Use this resource from the National Dialogue in your youth or young adult ministry setting and complete a listening session. And if time allows complete a listening session with parents/families in your parish.
  • Once you have completed the session spend some time reading the results and bring with you a summary (no longer than a page) to be turned in to your small group facilitator.

The below resources should be reviewed before attending your small group meeting for session two to have fruitful conversation and learning.


Go and Make Disciples


Evangelization and Youth

Evangelization in the Community 

Evangelization Testimony

Gen Z

Working with Teens

Welcome to Comprehensive Youth Ministry

The Grid

Relational Ministry

Session 2 Homework

Homework for Session Two to be completed and brought with you to Session Three

  • Complete the grid resource for your ministry.
  • Once you have completed the grid share it with your pastor, DRE, YM Coordinator (unless you are the YM Coor.) and one other person.
  • Identify five(5) groups or individuals that you can collaborate with at your parish.