As a ministry of St. Mary Parish, guided by the life of Jesus Christ and His Blessed Mother, we love with devotion, learn with passion and lead with faith.

The philosophy of St. Mary School is rooted in the person of Jesus and we view Catholic education as an expression of the mission entrusted by Him to the Church. We support the goals of the Bishops of the United States: Message, Service, and Community.

We believe that parents are the primary educators of their children. The teachers, staff, and community of St. Mary Elementary School complement and enhance the role of the parents, providing an environment that integrates Catholic values with a strong academic program.

We are dedicated to educating children to contribute to the common good by becoming active and caring members of the communities, cities, and nation in which they live. Grounded in the spirit of the Gospel, we seek to foster a loving and supportive environment where each individual is accepted and encouraged to grow.