Parent Support

Presented by the Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministry, is a workshop series for parents of Youth and Young Adults.

Join us for our next Parent Support on Monday, September 21, 2020 at 8pm.

Parent Support: Supporting our teen and young adult children in Self – Care

As the start of a new school year is upon us that is not what we or our children expected we need to support them in their own self-care, while modeling those behaviors ourselves. This parent support evening will give parents tips and practical ideas for self-care that supports the mental health of our young people. Our speaker will be Maricruz Flores the Director of Youth Ministry for the Diocese of San Diego.

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Previous Parent Support Meetings

August 2020 - Introducing Theology of the Body

For our August Parent Support Andreya Arévalo will be joining us to share how to talk to our children about Theology of the Body. Our August speaker is Andreya Arévalo. Andreya Arevalo is the Youth Minister and Wedding Coordinator at St. Mary’s Catholic Church of her hometown, Vacaville, CA. With over ten years experience teaching youth, she provides retreats and talks specializing in Theology of the Body for surrounding parishes/
schools in the Diocese of Sacramento to teens as well as catechists.

She is also a Fertility Care Practitioner of Our Lady of Guadalupe Fertility Care affiliated with Fertility Care Centers of America (FCCA) teaching NFP to couples in the Creighton Model System. Some of her hobbies include dancing, tennis, exercising and spending time with her husband and three teenage children.

July 2020 - Helping our children foster a love of God's Creation

We will be discussing fostering a love of God’s creation and the beauty that surrounds us in nature with our youth and young adult children. Out speaker for July will be Jeff Hoeben, Executive Director of Camp Gray. He is a graduate of Xavier University with a degree in Organizational Communication. Jeff enjoys kayaking, building wooden boats, working with fiberglass, backpacking, and cross country skiing. He worked at Camp Gray as a part of the Servant Leadership Team in 2003-2004 and once volunteered with the Missionaries of Charity in Katmandu, Nepal. Jeff oversees all of Camp's operations and loves spending time with his wife Rebecca and their three kids! 

June 2020 - Talking to our children about the sin of racism

How do we talk to our children about the sin of racism? With so much conversation about racism on social media, our children need help understanding and processing it. They need us to start these conversations. During this Parent Support, Lauralyn Solano from the Office of Family and Faith Formation will share her experience talking with her own children, and resources that are available to have these conversations with our children. Lauralyn is a wife, mother of four, and the Assistant Director for Lay Formation for the Diocese of Sacramento.

May 2020 - Helping deal with conflict at home with Teen & Young Adult children during COVID-19

Parent Support: Dealing with Conflict at Home during this time of Shelter in Place. The Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministry is hosting a second parent support night on May 18th. We will be hosting Chris Padgett (Happy Place Homestead) helping parents deal with conflicts at home. Chris is a husband, father, and national Catholic speaker.

April 2020 - Helping parents support their Teen & Young Adult children during COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic presents a wide range of stressors for parents across the globe. With stay-at-home orders, college campuses closing, and social distancing directives in place, parents may find themselves surrounded by their children more than ever before, and at times, parents may become the primary source of emotional support. Please join Dr. Young Hoang, director for mental health counseling at the US Department of State, a father and youth ministry president for the Vietnamese Eucharistic Youth Movement in the US for a conversation on best mental health practices for parents at home with their teen and young adult children during this difficult time. Dr. Hoang will address mental health challenges at this moment, signs and symptoms to look for, and effective ways to cope with the current situation. There will also be opportunities for Q&As at the end as we navigate these realities together as one community.