Ongoing Formation

Formation Opportunities

Faith Formation is a lifelong responsibility of each baptized Catholic.  *These courses can be applied towards Basic Catechist/Minister Renewal

 Formation is not the privilege of a few, but a right and duty of all.


Notre Dame STEP Online

Our partners at University of Notre Dame McGrath Institute offer online theology courses are well-suited for catechists, school teachers, lay ministers, deacons, and all adult Catholics who seek to learn how to address pastoral challenges and share the faith with everyone they meet.  These courses can be applied to renewal of your Basic Catechist/Minister Certification. .

Franciscan at Home

The Catechetical Institute at Franciscan University offers over 100 formation workshops for almost every ministry area. They will be offering a free webinar to anyone who would like to learn more information. You can visit their website at:

Augustine Institute's FORMED

Augustine Institute will include an overview of FORMED and how it can be used to benefit your parish throughout all of your ministries, as well as details on how to participate in the campaign. Renewing parishes will benefit from being connected throughout this campaign, too, so please feel free to participate in the webinar and training.