Ongoing Formation

Formation Opportunities

*These courses can be applied towards Basic Catechist/Minister Renewal


Building Intercultural Competence for Ministers (series) -  Five part series beginning April 22, 2021

(Spanish Desarrollo en Competencia Intercultural de los Ministros Abril 19-Mayo 24, 2021)

Today business as usual” attitude can no longer be the case. Some local Churches, already engaged in renewal, reconfirm the fact that now is the time for the Church to call upon every Christian community to evaluate their pastoral practice on the basis of the missionary character of their program and activities.


Notre Dame STEP Online

Our partners at University of Notre Dame McGrath Institute offer online theology courses are well-suited for catechists, school teachers, lay ministers, deacons, and all adult Catholics who seek to learn how to address pastoral challenges and share the faith with everyone they meet.  These courses can be applied to renewal of your Basic Catechist/Minister Certification. The next round of courses begin April 12th.