"It's like my mom and Eddie should have always met," Nicole says.
Catholic Herald Magazine, Catholic Funeral and Cemetery Services

December 13, 2019 marks the 50th anniversary of the priestly ordination of Pope Francis.
Diocese of Sacramento

Our Lady of Guadalupe is one of the patron saints of the diocese.
Diocese of Sacramento

Family Service Advisors stress that pre-planning can be easy and accomplished in a few appointments, although some may opt to make choices over time.
Catholic Herald Magazine, Catholic Funeral and Cemetery Services

Without the aid of any artificial amplification the melismatic music rose above the congregation like a cloud of incense.

Just as St. John the Baptist is the first to recognize Jesus in the womb of Mary, he announces to the world that salvation is at hand.
Diocese of Sacramento

'Our diocese is committed to a full accounting of the past sins of clergy sexual abuse, and to doing all we can to ensure it never happens again'

The readings call us to ascend - to arise - to the call we have received.
Diocese of Sacramento

God’s abundant mercy enables us to bring His tender care to so many of our neighbors in need.
The Catholic Foundation

40 seventh and eighth graders from 20 elementary schools compete in event held at St. James School in Davis