Truth & "Likes" - Essentials of Church Communications Series coming Spring 2020

Truth & "Likes" is a five-part workshop series for bulletin editors, webmasters, myParish App administrators, social media managers, and any parish staff who is looking to improve the effectiveness of their communications.

The series is presented by the Diocese of Sacramento Office of Communications in partnership with the Office of Family & Faith Formation (OFFF).

Truth & "Likes" will dive into the various communication tools available and how to better use them. We will cover bulletins, websites, graphic design, myParish App, emails, photography, videography, and social media.

Through this series, attendees will be:

  1. Equipped with a practical skill set for improving church communications
  2. Empowered to engage both the faithful and the un-churched with technology
  3. Encouraged to foster a culture of community that is supplemented, not replaced, by technology

Each session is $25 and lunch is included in the registration.

For dates, information, and registration, visit