Statement from Bishop Jaime Soto in the wake of shooting in downtown Sacramento

The violent shootings early Sunday morning resulted in the death of six people, many more injured, and a community ravaged by incomprehensible rage. This tragedy follows the brutal violence against an innocent family only a few weeks ago. The suffering inflicted will continue to reverberate among all of us. As senseless as these bloody acts are, let us soberly resist becoming numb to the pain we now share in common.

Remember to invest the necessary moral capital that comes from being good neighbors towards one another. As neighbors we ache for the tragedy that has exploded on our streets. As neighbors we must share in the common task of healing and helping. Only then can we restore hope and peace in our communities. This must be our unrelenting response whenever violence wreaks its havoc among us.

As we approach the sacred days of Holy Week and the Easter Triduum, prayer, fasting, and charitable works are the tools that Jesus gives to us so that we can cultivate our in communities a Springtime of mercy and harmony.