Return-to-School Plan for Solano Elementary Schools

Dear Solano Catholic School Families:

Solano County schools will begin on August 12 with a combination of on-campus events and online content that, over three weeks, will focus on our three goals of faith, community, and growth. The order of events will vary by school, but for all of us, this will be a time to reconnect as communities of faith. We will work with Solano County toward a return to in-person instruction.

Jesus teaches that where two or three are gathered in His name, there He shall be. He calls us to community; we desire community; our kids flourish in community. For us, education isn't just an academic experience - it is about our children learning how to lead joyful lives in Christ.

Solano County’s number of cases is trending in the right direction, and once Solano County comes off the monitoring list for a period of 14 days, we will be clear to return to campus. Public health is making a big push for citizens to respect social distancing so that we can bring down the numbers, so please, do your part.

Upon reviewing the new California Department of Public Health guidelines, we are not confronted with an either-or decision of only online or only in-class. Although we cannot hold instruction in our classrooms until Solano County is off the state monitoring list, there are many other things we can offer, including:

  • Outdoor Mass for our students;
  • STAR Testing to assess where students are;
  • A learning plan for each child to ensure they complete the year at grade level;
  • Parent-teacher meetings so that you have a chance to offer your insight to your student’s new teacher;
  • Offering opportunities for students and teachers to build relationships and get to know one another.

In the coming week, you will receive an updated copy of your school’s Back-to-School Plan, as well as a copy of our revised Distance Learning Plan. Your principal will invite you to an orientation to review these documents with you.

If families who have to work need an on-campus option for their students, we are working to support that as the state also provides for the operation of daycare programs for students through the age of 14 under a rigorous protocol. We are pursuing that option.

To summarize:

  • Our priority remains community health, and we follow public health directives. We cannot offer in-class instruction until Solano County is off the monitoring list for 14 days.
  • We will start the school year with a combination of on-site events, such as outdoor Mass, STAR testing, parent-teacher meetings, and distance learning. We are working toward resuming in-class instruction in early September.
  • If any family chooses learning from home for the 2020-2021 school year, we will accommodate and support them in that.

Since March, we have looked forward to the day we welcome you and your students back to campus. You have loved, protected, and formed them during these uncertain times, and it is our honor and privilege to serve as your partners in their education.

Thank you for being part of our Catholic school community.


Lincoln Snyder
Executive Director of Schools
The Diocese of Sacramento