January-February 2020 issue of Catholic Herald magazine is published, with theme of Catholic education

The January-February issue of Catholic Herald magazine has been published. The theme for this issue is Catholic education. The digital edition of the magazine is available at http://faithdigital.org/Sacramento/SAC0120/

In the cover story of the January-February issue, four millennial-age Catholic school alumni of the Diocese of Sacramento -- Ameyalli Chavez, Eric Jackson, Robyn Williams and Patrick Arguelles -- are living proof that Catholic schools do matter for a lifetime. They share their experiences with Catholic Herald, all citing the component of their faith as the guiding force in their lives.

Other stories in this issue include an interview with Bob McCarty, project coordinator for St. Mary's Press' unprecedented research project, "Going, Going Gone: The Dynamics of Disaffiliation in Young Catholics"; on St. Ignatius Parish and School in Sacramento, cognizant of the results of that study, are connecting to the experiences of young people; how innovative Catholic school models fill filling voids and prompting growth, including Chesterton Academy, Saint Clare's Tahoe and Cristo Rey High School; how annual academic contests in speech and religion are more about growth than competition; and how the Annual Catholic Appeal helps Northern California charities open doors and hearts to the mercy of Christ.

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