Bishop Jaime Soto's statement following recent tsunami in Indonesia

In the wake of the recent tsunami in Indonesia, Bishop Jaime Soto released the following statement:

"Our brothers and sisters in Indonesia need our prayers and support as they recover from the recent Tsunami, whose monstrous tides have wreaked havoc on coastal regions in that country. The number of deaths continues to mount. Families are dazed and desperate after this harrowing natural calamity. Through your ongoing support, Catholic Relief Services and Caritas Indonesia are already responding to those in need, together with other partners. Let us keep them in our prayers. These moments not only provide an opportunity to bring comfort to those who are suffering. They also contribute to fostering peace among nations through the labors of human solidarity."

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Complementing the government's rapid search and rescue efforts, Catholic Relief Services has mobilized a team to reach the families affected by this new disaster. Along with local partners, CRS will identify the greatest needs for providing emergency relief and assistance. Click here to donate now to Indonesia Relief through Catholic Relief Services

Photo: Officials look through the wreckage of damaged buildings in Carita, Indonesia on December 23, 2018. Credit: AFP/Getty Images.