Bishop Jaime Soto asks for prayers for all affected by fires in Yolo, Napa, and Lake Counties

At the instruction of Bishop Jaime Soto, the Office of Worship sent the following memo dated Thursday, July 5, to all clergy:

In light of the fires burning in Yolo, Napa, and Lake Counties, please remember in your prayers all those affected, especially the fire fighters and those who’ve been evacuated. Fires are an unfortunate but common occurrence in the western United States this time of year. Much of our Diocese is located in rural areas where wild fires are a normal part of life, but that doesn’t make them any less distressing. Please keep all those communities affected by fires in your prayers this summer. Included are sample intercessions you may use.

Suggested intercessions:

For favorable weather; that fires throughout the west, especially the County and Pawnee Fires will quickly subside, homes will be protected and fire fighters and other emergency personnel be kept safe as they carry out their duties. Let us pray to the Lord.

Por un clima favorable para que los incendios en nuestra región pronto sean apagados, que los hogares sean protegidos y los bomberos y otros prestando primeros auxilios estén seguros durante el desempeño de sus labores. Roguemos al Señor.

For all those affected by the fires, especially those who have been evacuated, that they may soon be able to return to their homes. Let us pray to the Lord.

Por todos los afligidos por los incendios, especialmente aquellos desalojados, que pronto vuelvan a sus hogares. Roguemos al Señor.