Attending Mass while Caring for Our Neighbors

As conditions with the pandemic have improved, Bishop Jaime Soto and the Office of Worship would like to remind the faithful of the protocols in place for attending Mass in the Diocese of Sacramento. These protocols provide safe and healthy environments for our communities and are simple, sensible acts of charity:


  • Parishioners are encouraged to wear masks while indoors regardless of one's vaccination status.
  • Refrain from physical contact outside of one’s household during the Exchange of the Sign of Peace.
  • Individuals are not obligated to attend the Eucharist on Sunday or other obligatory solemnities if they are sick, have a vulnerable health condition, are caring for someone with a vulnerable health condition, or have other serious reasons (Canon 1245; Catechism of the Catholic Church, 2181).
  • All those eligible to receive vaccinations are encouraged to do so. Anyone with medical concerns should consult their doctors.

Holy Communion

  • All ministers of Holy Communion must wear masks when distributing Communion to the faithful.
  • During the distribution of communion priests, deacons, and extraordinary ministers should have sanitizer available for use when needed.
  • For communion, the distribution of the cup is still suspended.

Let us join with Bishop Soto in prayer: Through the intercession of our Blessed Mother Mary, may God's mercy bring an end to the pandemic, healing to all the afflicted, protection of those who care for them, eternal rest to all who have died and comfort for those who mourn.