First Things

First Things in Youth and Young Adult Ministry

OYYA Virtual Formation Program Is Here!

Be part of our Formation Program First Things!  This will be a seven-session online formation program for those who are looking to renew, refresh or re-evaluate their youth ministry or young adult ministry efforts.  Specially anyone new to ministry with youth or young adults. Whether volunteer or paid, this training provides direction for those taking on leadership roles. Think of it as Basic Training in Comprehensive Ministry.  

Participants will:

  • Be part of an "Online Cohort" with other peers from the Diocese of Sacramento.
  • Receive a complementary 1 year NFCYM Associate membership that will enable them to access all the materials for the 3 month Virtual Formation component on the NFCYM website.
  • Participate in one of the four virtual cohorts and meet with other ministers passionate to serve our youth and young adults.
  • Cost is $75/participant.  Must be 18 years or older. Registration fee Includes all materials and access to the Mandatory Virtual Cohort Sessions

Register by April 10

Registration Now Open!

Session Summary

  • Orientation – gather with your cohort and coach; learn about each other, parish settings, and current struggles
  • Session 1: First Things about Comprehensive Youth Ministry –review primary YM documents, goals, and components; discuss accompaniment model, active listening, and relational ministry
  • Session 2: First Things in Understanding Young People, Culture, and Your Local Context – overview of Gen Z and how to engage them and your local community’s diverse cultures, parents, and church leaders
  • Session 3: First Things in Building a Leadership Team and Recruiting Volunteers – recruiting and forming your core team, maintaining diversity, and determining leadership and planning structures
  • Session 4: First Things on Accompanying Young People and Their Parents – assessing needs of youth and parents; developing program structures that engage and empower youth to live as disciples within and outside the parish community
  • Session 5: First Things in Program Planning and Budgeting – practical program logistics and best practices (formation, retreats, events, program evaluations); creating a budget; checklist for strategic programming
  • Session 6: First Things in Resources and Networking – most helpful resources, websites and supportive networks; review of next steps and continued development; and a closing cohort prayer experience

Spring 2023 Virtual Cohort Schedule



Cohort C


Cohort D

  7pm - 8:30pm 12pm - 1:30pm


24 27


8 & 22 11 & 25


5 & 26 8 &  22