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Lenten Resources

Lenten Retreat Exercises

Stations of the Cross

Discover Your Neighbor

Complete package for Lent Families in Mission

Complete package for Lent Return to Me, path to healing

Fifth Sunday of Lent

Reflection from Fr. Michael Vaughan, Pastor at Good Shepherd Parish, Elk Grove

"I am the resurrection and the life; whoever believes in me, even if he dies, will live." (Jn. 11:25)

This is the Fifth Sunday of Lent.  Jesus wept for his friend Lazarus.  Our Lord is not indifferent to human suffering in all its forms, especially death. The fact that I have to leave everything I know and love causes great consternation.    Christ became like us in all things but sin. He experienced death and took the stinger out of it for us.

Christ's mysteries are our mysteries.  If we have died with him, we shall also live with him.  If the first is true: suffering and death, the second is also true: eternal glory with him forever.    With our gaze fixed on our true homeland, we will not cling to transitory realities that pass.  Only what we have done out of love for God and others will remain.

Reflection:  Do I face the reality of my death with faith?  Do I prepare for this moment each day by remaining prayerful and vigilant?  Do I strive to do all the good I can while there is daylight?

Families in Mission Jesus cried

Reflection Guide for Personal or Group Use Please release me

Readings of the Week

Fifth Sunday of Lent

Monday of the Fifth Week of Lent

Tuesday of the Fifth Week of Lent

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Saturday of the Fifth Week of Lent

Holy Week: Palm Sunday

Families in Mission Celebration and suffering 

Reflection Guide for Personal or Group Use: Crucify him!

Readings of the Week

Palm Sunday of the Lord's Passion

Monday of Holy Week

Tuesday of Holy Week

Wednesday of Holy Week

Holy Thursday -Evening Mass of the Lord’s Supper

Good Friday of the Lord’s Passion

Faith Formation Eucharistic Revival Resources

“One of the most admirable effects of Holy Communion is to preserve the soul from sin, and to help those who fall through weakness to rise again. It is much more profitable, then, to approach this divine Sacrament with love, respect, and confidence, than to remain away through an excess of fear and scrupulosity.” -St. Ignatius of Loyola

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Kid's Liturgy: 

Laudato Si

Human Dignity Catechesis (bilingual resources)


  • Religious Education *Catholic Online School: Offering a FREE world-class Catholic education for anyone, anywhere. Strengthen knowledge and learning with a basic moral Catholic education. Catholic Online School is 100% mobile. Providing teachers, with all the teaching resources needed to teach for FREE. Age-appropriate learning resources for all students. If the student is in public school, they can also have a FREE Catholic education. Bringing FREE personalized Catholic education to all people of the world to help end hunger and poverty. A Proud Member of the NCEA.
  • The Religion Teacher: The Religion Teacher's mission is to provide practical resources and teaching strategies for religious educators. As a part of that mission, these educational videos will explain the meaning of key Catholic teachings and prayer practices. Learn more at
  • Bible for Children Printable art activities, available in multiple languages online resource

*Examination of Conscience

Before celebrating the Sacrament of Penance, one should prepare oneself with an examination of conscience, which involves reflecting prayerfully on one's thoughts, words, and deeds in order to identify any sins. USCCB

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For Young Adults

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For Married persons

Examination of Conscience in Light of Catholic Social Teaching




Many institutions, museums, and cultural sites are offering free virtual tours. 


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