Catechetical Foundations


Catechetical Foundations is a course for anyone in the Diocese of Sacramento who wishes to have an understanding of the fundamentals of the Christian Faith, and how to pass it on to others. In particular it is for parish leaders, catechists, teachers, home schooling parents, and those involved in pastoral or liturgical ministries. At the completion of the course, participants are able to use this formation toward Catechetical Certification with the Diocese of Sacramento. This formation is designed to ensure catechists are fit for the mission: not only to impart knowledge of the faith, but to make disciples of Jesus Christ.


In what it consists

The course is comprised of eight units, each consisting of four or more topics.  Each unit is designed to be about one month in length, with new topics introduced each week. Participants in the course will be enrolled into an online learning platform. There will be an assigned Master Catechist Mentor to follow along with the participants and assist with questions.  Each week participants will work through parts and take no longer than 1 hour per week:

  • Prayer Practice – Introduction to different prayers, prayer styles, and an opportunity to use the material in their own spiritual life.
  • Unit Objectives – Varies on unit.  The first week of each unit will include an overview of the materials and then an assigned reading/video or both. 
  • Methodology – This area will focus on elements they have learned applied.  There may be vignettes, short readings, etc.
  • Assignment/Assessment – Questions/prompts will be available for discussion on the online discussion board.  Participants will be able to interact with each other as well as their cohort mentor.  


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