Catholic Parish Youth Coordinator

Beale Air Force Base

General Responsibilities. The Catholic Youth Coordinator will

  1. Under the coordination and approval of the chaplain in charge of the Catholic service, be the primary leader for all youth programs and events.
  2. Be present for all youth activities and programs documented in the Annual Ministry Plan.
  3. Directly communicate with the chaplain in charge of Catholic programs, who will approve the contractors schedule in accordance with the duties and responsibilities detailed in this PWS.  Contractor also must coordinate their schedule with any contract priests and other Catholic Contractors.     
  4. Constructively and professionally coordinate with all Chaplain Corps staff, contractors and parish attendees.
  5. Adhere to DoD, Air Force, and Chaplain Corps guidance and local operating instructions.
  6. Receive annual privileged communication training and maintain signed training on Chaplain Corps shared drive. 
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