Parish Respect Life Ministry

With the renewed hope in the coming of the Kingdom of God, I encourage every parish to form a respect life committee and identify a respect life contact (other than the pastor) to coordinate pro-life activities in the parish...To this end, I offer you this Four-Part Plan for Pro-Life Activities as a way to better focus and coordinate our pro-life activities throughout the diocese - Bishop Jaime Soto

To help parishes in the Diocese of Sacramento offer comprehensive and consistent respect life programming Bishop Jaime Soto has outlined a four-part plan (en Espanol): Education, Pastoral Care, Prayer & Worship and Advocacy.

Education & Formation

Education and formation activities inform Catholics about pro-life issues in the light of our faith to lead to deeper conversion and action.

Annual Diocesan Conference in August;
Consultations on all pro-life matters, including parish team-building, bio-ethics, pastoral outreach, political activism and more;
Youth Events: Like the annual Choose Life educational workshop for middle and high school students.

Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care encompasses a broad range of services to those in need, including both spiritual assistance and essential material help.

The Gabriel Project: A parish-based ministry providing pregnant and new mothers in need with direct
Pregnancy Resource Centers: These agencies provide counseling, medical assistance and aid to help women in unplanned pregnancies choose life.
Maternity Homes: Mother Teresa Maternity Home and Bishop Gallegos Maternity Home are two maternity homes supported by the Diocese of Sacramento.
Project Rachel:  Post abortion healing ministry

Prayer & Worship

Prayer and Worship is the corner stone and success of all pro-life activities.

Respect Life Sunday: The first Sunday in October is specially designated for respect life prayers and preaching.
Masses of Reparation: Masses to be offered for the protection of prenatal life on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade.
40 Days for Life:
Walk for Life West Coast:


Catholic Advocacy Day
Catholic Legislative Network
Political Advocacy Guidelines