Passing on the Faith: The Pain and the Promise!

Youth and Young Adult Ministry

Passing on the Faith: The Pain and the Promise!

Where has everyone gone? And how do we bring them home? Recent research has identified the challenge of engaging children and young adults in the faith journey. Together we will explore the challenges of passing on faith and propose Catholicism as a comprehensive way of living – a way of encountering Jesus. And we will identify characteristics of an engaged faith community – the kind of domestic church people want and need – and that takes seriously the challenge of passing on the faith.

10AM - 12PM  All  Priests/Deacons/Religious Sisters/DREs/CRE/Catechetical Leaders/Lay Personnel are invited to participate.

6PM - 8PM  All Deacons/Religious Sisters/DREs/CRE/Catechetical Leaders/Parents are welcomed. 

This will be a Hybrid both in person and on ZOOM.   Este taller contara con traducción simultanea al español en persona y en línea.