Art Teacher

St. Rose School
Employment Type
Part Time

St. Rose School is currently seeking to hire a part-time Art teacher for the 2021-22 school year. St. Rose School would welcome an Art teacher with a mix of experience with students, grades Kindergarten to eight with experience in Art education or graphic design or the like who is talented, creative, and seeking an opportunity to to expand your skills. Applicants must be open to trying new methods of reaching students of different learning levels.

The art program at St. Rose School has always been one of appreciation for the art all around us in God's awesome world. ? ART CRITICISM - Making a close observation of the art, noting color, line, shape, etc... ? ART HISTORY - Where did the art come from; why was it created and by whom? ? AESTHETICS - Making some judgments about the fine art of the day or the students’ own personal art... ? ART PRODUCTION - Let's make our own art!! These are the four foundations of our curriculum.