President and CEO

St. Patrick-St. Vincent Catholic High School
Employment Type
Full Time


The President of St. Patrick - St. Vincent High School is a practicing Catholic of deep faith and strong Catholic values. The President’s primary responsibility is to be the spiritual leader of St. Patrick - St. Vincent High School, and to communicate and promote Catholic values throughout the school community, including staff, students, and parents. The President is appointed by the Bishop of the Diocese of Sacramento and reports directly to the Board of Trustees under the Carver Policy Governance model. The President is the Chief Executive Officer of the school and, as such, holds full responsibility for all aspects of the school’s operation. The President is directly responsible for the external affairs of the school, ensuring sufficient resources, sound fiscal management, and financial stability. The President oversees campus ministry, business operations, development, alumnae, community relations, and enrollment management activities. The President supervises and works closely with the Principal, who has primary responsibility for the daily operation of the school and the teaching-learning environment, to ensure a common vision for the school and its mission. The President promotes the good reputation and values of the school in acting as the primary liaison between the school, the Board of Trustees, and the Diocese of Sacramento. Working collaboratively with the school Principal, the School Chaplain, and administrative staff, the President ensures that Catholic values permeate the entire curriculum. These Catholic values emphasize the dignity of all students and the sanctity of life and provide a spiritual basis for all relationships and decision-making. The President serves as the community’s chief witness to servant-leadership, both in deed and in word.