Encountering Christ in Harmony- A Discussion of the USCCB Document on the AAPI Community

Diocese of Sacramento

While many steps have been taken to recognize the AAPI community across the nation, it has only been a start, there are still many more steps to take, and we believe that we, as lay people, can assist our Church in understanding the needs and resources the AAPI community has for the glory of God.  The first step we want to take for our diocese is to break open and have a dialogue on the USCCB document Encountering Christ in Harmony: A Pastoral Response to Our Asian and Pacific Island Brothers and Sisters via Zoom. You can find the document here.

Your voice and participation would be very much appreciated, and please do invite anyone else you believe would be good for the conversation. We will do a summary of the document and then lead discussion over it. Once again, we seek to encourage and instill action for AAPI lay people across the diocese to collaborate and glorify God through our rich cultures, histories and stories.